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Email usage is exploding and people are spending more time reading email and less time doing other parts of their jobs. In addition, many emails require immediate attention such as legal threats, request for quotations and request for finding a local retailer for a product. This kind of email, if not processed in a timely manner costs enterprises revenue and customers. QMailSage™ allows enterprises to rapidly process email, send it to the appropriate department and deliver email in a categorized format to each user for enhanced productivity. Time is money and QMailSage™ is the solution for using email more effectively.



QSpamFilter, a member of the QMailSage™ offering, is Queria's answer to the resource-draining problem of unsolicited junk email. QSpamFilter™ is a spam filtering solution that combines high performance with extreme tuneability while it continually refines and improves its spam detecting algorithms.


Filtering and Routing
QFilter™ automatically identifies and routes high volume unstructured data sources like e-mail, news feeds, or database records. A series of static D3™ queries - a tree of filters, are assembled for each type of document output desired. Output documents are XML-tagged for routing to e-mail or as input into other software systems. Queria provides system integration services for all QFilter installations.


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