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Enterprises and Businesses of any size or industry:

We provide our customers and prospects with professionalism and objectivity. At 1st Force we believe that the success of a project not only depends on the use of the appropriate technology, but also on the strategic planning before the design phase ever begins. To ensure the success of your project we offer services in the following list below.

· Needs Analysis
· Product Consultation
· Product Demonstrations
· Implementation
· Customer Support
· Satisfaction Surveys
· Custom programming (if applicable)
· Site inspection and evaluation
· User Group or Board Presentations

We also offer an educational/consultative product called WRAP.

Wireless Ready Assessment  Program (WRAP) is a program that helps companies look at their current environment including People, Processes, and Technology to determine what areas of their business could benefit from mobile and wireless solutions. 1st Force will also determine what improvements they have to make to be able to implement a infrastructure which allows them to become wireless ready. We will also cover 1stForce's mobile infrastructure model .


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