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MediLink provides complete real-time patient records anytime, anywhere that is 100% accurate, HIPAA Compliant and FIPS 140.1 certified. It is "Real Time" recording and access to information that is vital to patient care. Coupled with the Symbol 2800, it is battlefield rugged and not limited by wires. The MediLink solution is totally integrated with existing systems. It is small, light and easy to use.



MobileServe, allows Field Sales and Service professionals to find, view and edit account and contact information, create and manage work orders, view and check inventory and order parts for delivery or consumption, and view applicable selling tools, such as product sheets and marketing materials. Sales personnel can also create a log of service requests and view selling tools, such as product sheets and marketing materials.


MobileCheckpoint is a mobile solution for validating the identity of an attendee at one of the many meetings that Government and private organizations hold every year. It will allow an agent to scan the badge of an attendee and instantly validate that attendee against the registration database as to whether this attendee should be allowed through the checkpoint or not. MobileCheckpoint consists of the software that resides on the handheld device, the wireless access points placed strategically around the perimeters, and the messaging middleware that will translate between the handheld and the registration database that the hosting organization has.



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